Evolve Democracy

I was undecided as to how to distribute this paper. I considered gradually, starting with possible influencers, or making it generally available. The latter choice was selected for the simple reason that the topic is, after all, inclusivity. Also, given the unceasing demands, reported in the press and expressed otherwise, for a workable alternative to the out-of-bounds Exclusive Democracy model, this choice became obvious.

In particular the choice includes the people expected to bring about the necessary changes. That is, the dominant population demographic aged from about 16 to about 40. They/you are saddled with the mess that has been made of the world. Who better to fix the problems and provide a satisfactory, if not excellent, environment in which you/they will live and hopefully prosper, as then, will future generations. Certainly the political elites who are responsible for the mess cannot be relied on to attend to curing the ills they created.

The following link will take you to the treatise “Evolve Democracy – A Unicameral Model”.

Download: Inclusive-Democracy PDF (Updated 17Nov20)